IGW/963: CAN2IP-Gateway

CAN2IP Gateway IGW/963

The CAN2IP Gateway IGW/963 was developed to transmit CAN data via TCP/IP or UDP/IP and can be operated in two modes for this purpose. The bridge mode connects two CAN buses at different locations via an IP network. In gateway mode, an external system can be connected to a CAN bus via an IP network.

The IP network can be established via an Ethernet crossover cable, a LAN infrastructure or an Internet-based SSL/TLS-secured VPN (Virtual Private Network). The peer-to-peer VPN connection does not require an additional VPN server for this. DynDNS support makes it easy to set up remote access.

To ensure a high level of safety and security and to protect the system against unauthorized network access, the IGW/963 offers, among other things, a firewall with NAT support.

The high-speed CAN interface (ISO 11898-2) is galvanically isolated and supports transmission rates from 50 kbps up to 1 Mbps. In addition, two serial RS232 interfaces are available for communication with the outside world.

The heart of the IGW/963 is the DIL/NetPC DNP/9265 with a 32-bit ARM9 MCU operating at 192 MHz. As a result, the power consumption of the entire system is only 1.2 watts.

The DNP/9265 has 32 MB of RAM and 32 MB of flash memory, which can be expanded via an internal microSD card. Due to the buffered real-time clock, this board can also be used independently from external time servers.

High Flexibility

To operate the IGW/963 in gateway mode, the scope of delivery includes a sample Python script for external systems. It creates a virtual connection, analog to the bridge mode betweem IGW/963. The script prepares received CAN data for further processing and allows, for example, the conversion of the data into other protocols, like IEC 60870-5.

Thus, a CAN bus can be integrated into a telecontrol application. In addition, the script supports the forwarding of CAN data to almost any other application, such as IoT/cloud platforms, databases, SCADA or MES/ERP systems. That way, numerous use cases can be easily implemented through the IGW/963.


  • ARM9 MCU @192 MHz
  • Linux OS
  • 1x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN
  • 1x CAN (galvanically isolated)
  • 2x RS232
  • 1x 2 GB microSD card (internal)
  • 1x Real Time Clock
  • 9-36 VDC supply voltage
  • DIN rail mounting
  • IEC 61850 protocol support (optional)


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